I am Exhibiting Media. How will I receive my badge?

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Exhibiting media (EXM) personnel badges will not be mailed. All exhibiting media badges must be picked up in the Media Center in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Room S220. A photo ID will be required to obtain your badge.

Exhibiting media's complimentary badge allotment is based on the company's booth size. Exhibiting media badges have access to the SEMA Show floor during Show hours and two hours early on Show days, as well as during exhibitor move-in and move-out hours.

Media badges are also available at no charge, but media badge applicants may be required to submit qualifying materials. For information on how to qualify for a media badge, please call 909-978-6722 or email juant@sema.org.

Are Segways, skateboards, skates, or scooters (either motorized or foot-powered) allowed at the SEMA Show?

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The use of the above items are NOT allowed on the Las Vegas Convention Center property. This includes all non-ADA-approved mobility devices.

Are Hoverboards allowed at the SEMA Show?

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The use of hoverboards is prohibited at the SEMA Show. Hoverboards will be confiscated until show end (after the SEMA Cruise).

Are Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles allowed at the SEMA Show?

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Drones/UAVs of any kind are NOT allowed at the SEMA Show or at the Las Vegas Convention Center due to the proximity to McCarran International Airport. Drones/UAVs will be confiscated until show end (after the SEMA Cruise).

Am I able to hang a sign over my booth?

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In order to qualify to hang a sign, your booth must be 20’ x 20’ or larger and may not be a linear booth. You must complete the Hanging Sign Design Notification Form and submit a rendering or digital photo of the sign showing all graphics, placement above booth, and dimensions, including width, height and circumference. Hanging signs may be hung at any height; however, the sign itself can be no more than 8' in height from top to bottom and must be finished on all sides. Freeman is required to hang all hanging signs and it is recommended that you ship in advance to ensure the sign is assembled and hung in a timely matter. Please note that Freeman costs for hanging a sign are incurred at both installation and dismantle so budget accordingly.

What is Lead Retrieval?

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Lead Retrieval or Lead Management is a system designed to help exhibitors quickly and easily capture and qualify leads on the show floor. Using lead retrieval enables you to qualify leads with follow-up action codes, eliminates hand-keying leads into your database for quicker lead follow-up and gives demographic information on attendees. CompuSystems offers an array of lead management systems – see http://www.compusystems.com/order for ordering and more information.

What are Material Handling Services?

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Material Handling is the service to move and store your freight from the freight carrier. This service includes off-loading from delivery truck; delivery to your booth; removing empty crates and boxes; storing and returning the empties: and delivery to your carrier. This service is all provided exclusively by Freeman. It is a one-time charge for incoming and outgoing. See the Material Handling order form for rates. Exhibitors with 400 square feet or less will receive their first 500 lbs. of material handling FREE with no restrictions. It can be delivered to the Freeman Advance Warehouse, shipped directly to show site or delivered in a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) or a rental vehicle which is driven by your employee (not temporary labor) to receive the 500 lbs. free. Material Handling over and above the 500 lbs. or exhibitors with 450 square feet or more will be charged the material handling rate.

What is a freight target date and how can I change it?

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This date has been established for the arrival of freight at the Las Vegas Convention Center using a common carrier. Target dates are listed by booth numbers. If you miss your target date, you may be required to pay a surcharge on material handling. If you ship in advance to the Freeman warehouse, the freight will be at your exhibit space at your designated target date. If you need to change your target date, e-mail Sam Blanton of Freeman at sam.blanton@freemanco.com.

How do I ship freight to the Show?

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You can ship two ways: Ship in advance to the Freeman Warehouse September 22 – October 19, 2016 and Freeman will deliver your freight to your booth during your target time, or you can ship directly to the Las Vegas Convention Center (freight must arrive on your assigned target day). Drivers must check-in at the Freeman Marshaling Yard first to receive a Freight Door assignment before coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

I will be delivering freight in my own vehicle, how do I check in?

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A Personally Operated Vehicle (POV) is a vehicle driven by you or your employee and Freeman will deliver the materials to your booth. Exhibitors with 400 square feet or less will receive the first 500 lbs. of materials free. Any freight over 500 lbs. will be charged the material handling rate for onsite delivery. Delivery must take place during move-in Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Monday, 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Exhibitors with 450 square feet of freight or larger must be moved as Material Handling by Freeman, and the applicable charges will be billed to your company.
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