Business Management: Don't be a Meeting Hack (BM4)

November 2, 2017 - 11:15am - 12:15pm
Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, N254

Presented by: Robert Coakley, Upgrade Performance, Inc.; Stuart Chant, Upgrade Performance, Inc.

Meetings are a great vehicle used by companies to communicate, strategize, implement and focus. Sounds good on paper right? The problem is most meetings seem to veer off track and become a waste of time. We will look at both sides of the equation from the meeting organizer/facilitator/leader to the meeting participant/attendee. If you conduct meetings, you will learn five keys that will make your next meeting, more engaging, productive and on time. If you are a participant in boring, unproductive meetings, we will cover specific techniques on how to get make the most of the meetings. We also have a simple idea that when implemented by several of our clients has cut the number of meetings they have in half!

Warning: This session is for people who are ready for much interaction with other industry pros that are serious about improving how their company, organization or team operates. There will be tons of interaction, including brainstorming, sharing best practices and addressing common challenges.

In this session, we will
- Discuss ten tips for making meetings more productive and motivating
- Review and discuss meeting preparation best practices
- Share how to get yourself out of unproductive meetings
- Share a Meeting Preparation Template (MPT) that will help you prepare for meetings quickly and effectively
- Prepare for one of YOUR upcoming meetings, so it is one of your best ones ever
- Network with other industry professionals and share best practices
- Build your network with other industry professionals that you can use as a resource beyond the SEMA Show
- Have FUN - Really