Marketing & Sales: Modern Marketing in a Post-Web World (MS4)

November 1, 2017 - 10:15am - 11:15am
Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, N253

Presented by: Dan Kahn, Kahn Media 

The seminar begins by reviewing the history of storytelling as a sales and marketing tool, how the evolving web and distribution channel converged and changed the way people research and buy products, and the current state of media and marketing. This includes the trend among consumers under 40 to shy away form brand websites and focus their research and shopping time on social media channels, p2p reviews, rich content and apps.

It will then explain how people in different cultures react to storytelling, and how to use three basic storytelling techniques to increase brand awareness and sales with immediate ROI. We will cover three examples of different brands in three different industries using these techniques successfully, then review basic blueprint of how these techniques have been successfully applied in both B2B and B2C applications in the automotive aftermarket.

Finally we will call on members of the audience to come up on stage, discuss their current business tactics and future goals, workshop their own personal storytelling message and use it to pitch the audience on real time. Audience members will leave with a more thorough understanding of this effective technique for creating a positive consumer experience with lasting ties to the brand, driving long-term sales and loyalty.