Talent Management: Good to great: Taking your career to the next level (HR2)

October 31, 2017 - 11:15am - 12:15pm
Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, N254

Presented by: Lori Kleiman, HR Topics

Taking your career to the next level is not always as easy as doing a great job where you are today. Do you struggle with getting your managers attention? Do you feel stuck in process management and administration? How do you expand your perspective and get the recognition you deserve? The answers lie in taking control of your own career. Moving to the next level often requires a different skill set then being just a great professional. This session will focus on what you need to do to be the strategic executive who is action-oriented and embraces technology to drive your personal career plan forward. Lori Kleiman will take you through five key components of development that include a strategic view of becoming a strategic executive who is proactive and technologically savvy as a way to get noticed.

Joining the leadership conversation is not always as easy as it seems.  To be successful, the growth strategy for your organization must focus on many things at once, including people. Every aspect of the organization has to work together, and here’s where HR’s role is crucial. Whether it’s a new service, or a shift in competitive focus, your value is critical to helping the company stay competitive. We will share proven tips and tricks to being a strategic executive who is action oriented and technologically saving.  We do this by defining a 5 step process to join the leadership team and have the career of your dreams today!