Social Media: Unlocking the Facebook Algorithm (SM2)

October 31, 2017 - 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, N252

Presented by: Jennifer Cario, SugarSpun Marketing

While Facebook continues to reign as the king of all social media, too many marketers are still struggling to understand how best to leverage it in order to reach their target audience, build engagement and ultimately drive traffic and sales. In this session, we'll work through the Facebook algorithm in laymen's terms, helping the audience better understand how and why Facebook makes decisions about what content to show in the news feed and who sees it.

Gain valuable insight on things like:

* Learning how to calculate your current Facebook reach so you can understand how you might be positioned in the algorithm
* Why posting more often in an effort to boost engagement might actually be hurting you
* How to learn what type of content works best for your unique customers
* How to leverage small budget paid promotions to help boost your position in the algorithm
* What organic audience optimization is and how this free tool can dramatically increase engagement
* Why Facebook groups and Facebook Live might be your keys to stronger engagement

We'll demystify the algorithm and walk through a realistic approach to repairing any damage you might have accidentally done. This session will focus on simple, low-cost approaches to Facebook marketing designed to help businesses of all sizes and budgets increase their performance on the most popular social media channel in the world.