SCRS: Repairer Driven Education - Estimating: The Basics of Blueprinting (RD5) $

October 31, 2017 - 9:30am - 11:30am
Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, N237

Repairer Driven Education, RDE, SCRS, SEMA Show

SCRS REPAIRER DRIVEN EDUCATION (RDE) series will feature seminar offerings. Each of the courses has been individually selected or crafted by SCRS because the content specifically focuses on issues and information that are relevant to collision repair professionals operating in today’s marketplace, and appeals to the diverse array of marketplace perspectives that exist within the collision repair industry.

RD5 - The Basics of Blueprinting

Presented by: John Shoemaker, BASF

This program will take a comprehensive look at completing a damage appraisal, identifying all damage, resulting in a final bill that best reflects work performed.  We will look at resources available to use in the process, such as the SCRS Guide to Complete Repair Planning, OEM Position papers, estimating system information providers’ P-Pages, and other mechanisms to identify missed operations and non-included items.
Through participation in this segment, attendees will:

1. Learn how to work with a tear down technician, parts person and painter to develop a complete repair plan
2. Understand the importance of scanning vehicle systems and measuring structure early in the process to determine reparability
3. Become knowledgeable about P-Pages and OEM position papers to justify specific processes of repair
4. Develop documentation techniques to reduce insurance company pushback